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Shipping information; All shipping is done through the USPS. Orders are shipped usually in 24-48 hours, except for weekends and holidays, for all stock items. Since all items are made here they may need to be assembled and this will delay shipping. We will contact you if shipping would be delayed beyond 48 hours.

International orders allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.




Wheelchair Lights and Locks is a family owned company from the "Heart of It All" state of Ohio. It is with compassion that we chose to help people who are challenged everyday with the requirement of a wheelchair. 


Wheelchair Lights and Locks was born out of a desire to meet a need that was not being met. We plan to expand our product line while offering the best value for the price. By making lives more convenient and safe, we feel we are accomplishing worthy goals. 




Sandra Robey


Refunds & Warranty


Warranty against manufacturing defects is for ninety days. It is the sole discretion of Wheelchair lights and Locks to determine whether to repair or replace all or part of a product under this warranty. This warranty is for any product that Wheelchair Lights and Locks sells.

Wheelchair Lights and Locks will not be responsible for any failure due to incorrect installation, usage or accidental damage in any course. The purchaser must contact for warranty within ninety days. Email for non-warranty help also.


Refunds are available for any product received in a non-working or non-functional condition. Refunds may also be received for returned product that has not be installed or used within  thirty days from purchase. The purchaser must contact Wheelchair Lights and Locks by email at within said thirty days. Purchaser will then be contacted with a Return Authorization approval.