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24 volt to 12 volt Converter Kit



Convert the wheelchair batteries to a 12 volt output you can charge or operate portable electronic devices.

Evenly drains both batteries instead of just one, giving you more usage time. 10 amp/120 watt max surge power, 50 watts continious use.

Comes complete with wiring harness, toggle switch, 12 volt auxillary socket and mounting hardware. 

Please note if you are going to use for one of our light kits, we will make the correct connecters for them.

24 volt DC to 110 AC Inverter



Convert wheelchair batteries to household 120 AC voltage.

Charge your cell phone, laptop, operate BiPAP, IPOD or nebulizer.

400 watts continuous, 800 watt surge, ON/OFF switch to stop any battery drain.

Connects directly to both of the wheelchairs' batteries.

If you have an older chair with the charge port on the base not the joystick, then a harness can be made to plug into it. Email us when ordering.