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Q.   Can anyone buy lights or accessories from us?

A.   Yes, anyone. You do not need to register or have a license.


Q.   Why do I need lights on my wheelchair or scooter?

A.   It is much safer to be seen by automobiles or pedestrians day or night if traveling outside when you have lights on your chair or scooter.  It is also safer to be able to see easily outside after dark or inside should the lights be off.


Q.   What kind of lights should I use?

A.   The lights should be bright enough to make you visible and make it easy for you to see your surroundings far enough to be safe in a motorized chair inside or out.


Q.   Are the lights safe?

A.   Yes, they are fused at a 12 or 24 volt connection.


Q.   What are the differences between your lights?

A.   There are different sizes, mounting connections, brightnesses (lumens), style of lights, 12 volt and 24 volt varieties. There are many choices because there are many chairs the lights need to adapt to.


Q.   What voltage should I use?

A.   There is a variety of factors that would determine the voltage.  Large, small, few to many L.E.D.'s on a light, higher brightness newly created L.E.D.'s, even low wattage lights all affect what voltage should be used.


Q.   Which switch type should I use?

A.   Toggle switches are easy to operate with good or bad dexterity.  Usually a bump to the toggle switch can turn it on or off.  Toggles are the most commonly used switch style.  The rocker and slide switches are used when you want to maintain a low profile switch that cannot easily be broken off if you run into an obstacle.


Q.   What about using environmental control units for turning on the lights?

A.   Nice, but they will not work on low end chairs.  ECU's are very expensive to buy.


Q.   Why are the lights expensive?

A.   LED technology is still new. Designing, testing, building unique and small quantities add to the higher costs. They are designed and built with quality parts and assembled to last by knowledgable people.


Q.    What do I do if it breaks?

A.    Email us for a return authorization, include what is broken and how it broke. Send it back to the USA home facility for repair whether it is for a warrantee failure or accident.  If it is out of warrantee we will analyze the cost of repair, email you the cost before fixing it.  If you approve of the cost, we will fix it and charge you for the cost of repair and shipping.


Q.   Why is an extension cable used?

A.   Convenience.


Q.   What does an inverter do?

A.   An inverter changes battery voltage D.C. to household A.C. voltage.


Q.   What does a converter do?

A.   A converter changes 24v to 12v to run electric equipment from a car or other electronics that use 12v DC.


Q.   Can I put the lights on anything else?

A.   Yes, many things have  12VDC such as ATV's, snowmobiles, scooters, cars, vans, campers, etc.


Q.   Are these products easy to install?

A.  The instructions are easy to follow. All mounting hardware is included in kits. It would also depend on how much experience, physical ability, and availbility of tools that are required.



Refunds & Warranty


Warranty against manufacturing defects is for ninety days. It is the sole discretion of Wheelchair lights and Locks in dermination and whether to repair or replace all or part of a product under this warranty. This warranty is for any product that Wheelchair Lights and Locks sells.

Wheelchair Lights and Locks will not be responsible for any failure do to incorrect installation, usage or accidental damage in any course. The purchaser must contact for warranty within ninety days. Email for non-warranty help also.


Refunds are available for any product received in a non-working or non-functional condition. Refunds may also be received for returned product that has not be installed or used within  thirty days from purchase. The purchaser must contact Wheelchair Lights and Locks by email at within said thirty days. Purchaser will then be contacted with a Return Authorization approval.